Friday, 27 December 2013

ShareCash Exclusive Content Collection  

Posted at Friday, December 27, 2013 Posted by ShareCashTeam

We’re extremely excited to announce the release of an entirely new part of ShareCash: our Exclusive Content Collection! This section will provide our affiliates with thousands of high-quality, pre-uploaded files ranging from eBooks to web templates, covering hundreds of different niches, all completely free and legal for ShareCash affiliates to use and promote!  

Today we’re releasing the first part of our Exclusive Content Collection: our Exclusive eBook Collection, a collection of over 3,000 eBooks and digital downloads that encompass niches from animal care to nutrition to self-defense. This diverse collection of quality eBooks will give our affiliates a seemingly never-ending supply of legitimate, quality files and niches to promote, therefore eliminating tedious niche research and content generation.

Using our new eBook collection is incredibly easy; the "eBooks" subsection of our "Exclusive Content" menu section lets you browse all categories of eBooks, view descriptions for each individual eBook, download samples of any eBook so you tweak your promotional efforts and advertising, and instantly add the eBook directly to your File Manager.

Even better, our eBook Collection lets you create completely customized landing pages for any eBook you’d like promote using pre-made, high-quality landing page templates that are fully hosted by ShareCash! Creating landing pages is extremely simple using our in-browser Landing Page Creation tool, which can be accessed by clicking the Landing Page button (which looks like a house) for any book in the eBooks section. Afterwards, you'll be able to edit any text on the page simply by clicking on it. After you've tweaked and edited the content of the landing page to your liking, you can then save the page and receive a unique URL to promote, therefore enabling you to promote any eBook without even needing a blog or website.

Overall, while our eBook Collection is just the first piece of our Exclusive Content section, it contains thousands of opportunities for affiliates to profit from quality, legitimate content without having to struggle with niche research and content generation. And yet, while it’s still an incredibly useful and profitable feature, it is only the beginning of a series of releases we have planned that will completely transform both ShareCash and the PPD industry as a whole, making this the first of many major steps forward. We are confident that our Exclusive Content section will provide all of you with additional streams of long-term income through legitimate and high-quality content and look forward to watching all of our affiliates grow their earnings even more.

Happy Holidays,
The ShareCash Team

Note: We will also be migrating to an entirely new setup consisting of multiple extremely powerful servers arranged redundantly to ensure ShareCash continues to load quickly and maintain constant uptime. ShareCash may experience some minor lag during this process, so do not be alarmed. The entire process should be finished by tomorrow (12/28/2013) night.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

ShareCash Link Locker Released!  

Posted at Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Posted by ShareCashTeam

We've excited to announce the release of our ShareCash Link Locker, which allows you to lock website links the same way you lock file downloads!

How does it work? First, you use our Link Locker creation tool to lock any link that you want to promote. Next, you can customize the look and feel of the Link Locker landing page to help it better fit your niche and promotional methods. Finally, our creation tool will give you a special link that you can promote, just as with files. When a visitor clicks the special link and completes a survey, he is then redirected to the link you locked and you are paid a commission!

You can find our Link Locker creation and management tools in the "Link Locker" section of the "Tools" menu in your dashboard. Once you begin promoting your link lockers, you will be able to see detailed per-locker statistic breakdowns by using the Link Locker Statistics tool in the "Advanced Breakdowns" section of the Statistics menu.

We hope that you all enjoy using our new Link Locker to its full potential and look forward to watching you increase your earnings!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Welcome to the BRAND NEW ShareCash!  

Posted at Saturday, September 01, 2012 Posted by ShareCashTeam

Welcome to the brand-new ShareCash platform! Boasting an absolutely stunning user interface and new website, unparalleled features, the most advanced statistics in the industry, and the highest earnings possible, we are absolutely confident that the new ShareCash is the #1 PPD platform around. We've spent nearly a year rebuilding ShareCash from the ground up, integrating all the information we've learned over the past four years to ensure that we created the the best possible PPD platform.

The new ShareCash is unlike any other PPD website you've ever used before. Not only does it look extremely elegant, but it also possesses features and an overall attention to detail that you will not find anywhere else. We've completely redesigned our system to provide you with the tools you need to grow your earnings, the statistics and information you need to hone and tune your promotional methods, constantly available and helpful support, the absolute highest earnings possible, and always on-time and reliable payments.

Beautiful & Functional User Interface
We've carefully planned and designed our user interface using the latest web technologies to give you the information you need in the most convenient and usable way possible. While looking absolutely amazing, it also provides you with extremely easy-to-use features, as well as gives us the ability to very easily add new features in the future, many of which we are working on right now. With our new interface you'll be able to get much more done, much more quickly, while enjoying every second of it.

In-depth Statistics
Our new platform boasts, very literally, the most in-depth statistics you will find on any PPD website. We provide you with File Breakdowns, Daily Breakdowns, Hourly Breakdowns, Referrer Breakdowns, Widget Breakdowns, File-Day Breakdowns... This vast suite of statistical reports will give you unparalleled insight into your earnings and promotional methods, enabling you to tweak and optimize your campaigns and make more profit. Our new system even provides live statistics on every page, so you don't have to refresh the page to know what your current earnings are!

Highest Payout Rates+ Better Offers
Due to our size and years in business, we have access to countless advertisers that provide us with extremely high-converting and high-paying surveys. With over 2,000 active offers in our system spanning over 240 countries and territories, ShareCash will undoubtedly make you the most money possible from your files. In addition to streamlining our processes to make more connections with more new advertisers, we've raised all our payout rates across the board, which will boost your earnings even higher!

Most Advanced Survey Algorithm
Our updated survey algorithm analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points in real-time to determine which offers work best not just for everyone, but for your own personal traffic and promotional methods! This personalized algorithmic approach ensures that the offers displayed for your downloads are as optimized as they could possibly be, resulting in higher earnings. While any website can claim to have an "advanced" survey algorithm, we're confident that we have the most efficient and effective one around.

File Mirrors
The concern that due to ShareCash's size, visitors will not click our download links is completely fixed with our new platform! Every single file that is uploaded is put onto one of many (soon to be around 20) mirror domains. On top of that, we have 3 unique download page designs that all look completely different, and an algorithm that continuously tests them out and decides which works the best, therefore constantly optimizing your earnings.

Premier Program
Are you a top earner with earnings over $50/day? If so, as long as you maintain a $50/day average or earn over $700 over any 2-week period, you will be automatically inducted into our exclusive Premier Program, where you will receive payments twice a month, on the 3rd and 16th, and receive higher payout rates to help you scale your campaigns even further.

If you own a website, you can now circumvent having your users leave your site to visit our download page by using our Widgets tool. This basically allows visitors to choose and complete a survey, and afterwards download the file, straight off of your website or blog, without them ever explicitly coming to one of our download pages! This streamlines your conversion funnel, resulting in more clicks, higher conversions, and in the end, more money!

Awesome File Manager
The File Manager is the place where most affiliates spend a huge bulk of their time, so we've put an enormous amount of effort into creating the most advanced, feature-rich file manager around. Your file manager now functions exactly as a normal desktop folder does, allowing you to move files into folders with ease with our simple, intuitive drag-n-drop interface. The file manager is jam-packed with different options and features, such as List View, Icon View, Cut-And-Paste, and the Quick Mirror Generator, all of which will help you get much more done much more quickly.

We created the pay-per-download industry back in early 2009, and since then we have been the driving force of innovation in this space. Not only do we have the most insight and knowledge into how this industry really works, which helps us optimize your earnings more than anyone else can, but we have the stability and resources to ensure that your payments go out on-time, every time, meaning you never have to worry about receiving your hard-earned money.With an elegantly designed system built over a powerful and redundant infrastructure, our system is extremely reliable and well-protected against DDoS attacks.

All-in-all, the new ShareCash is undoubtedly the #1 PPD platform around. When you use ShareCash you can be confident that you are not only making the most money possible, but will ALWAYS receive your payment on time, have access to helpful and responsive support, and are using the most advanced PPD system possible. We're extremely excited to release our new system and have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our users since we've released it, and we hope you love using it just as much as we do.