Tuesday, 24 June 2014

ShareCash Exclusive Software Collection Released!  

Posted at Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Posted by ShareCashTeam

We've just released our brand-new Exclusive Software Collection, a new feature that gives you access to over 17,000 different software files to promote! All files are accessible from the "Software Collection" page under the "Exclusive Content" menu section in your user panel, where you can view all 100+ categories of files, download them to test them out yourself, visit their websites to learn how to advertise them, and add them directly to your File Manager at the click of a button.

Our software collection spans an enormous array of diverse types of hiqh-quality software, containing everything from Linux distributions to word processors to video game emulators. All software in our collection is licensed to allow distribution in exchange for payment, whether direct or ad-based, making promoting any file we provide completely legitimate and compliant with any advertiser's terms.

While our collection contains many popular, well-known software files, it also contains thousands of lesser-known files that target unique niches that are much easier to rank for, therefore giving you virtually limitless possibilities for unique niches and new revenue streams. Just like our eBook and Game Guide Collections, our Software Collection provides literally thousands of opportunities for affiliates to generate long-term profit from quality, legitimate content without having to struggle with niche research - something that no other network provides!